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Idaho Falls Photographer – LaShay and Light Photography – Advertising Project Outcome

I’m an Idaho Falls Photographer that loves to make beautiful, artistic photos. I love it so much I decided to do a whole project on it!

Hey! You found my website, LaShay and Light Photography! I’m an Idaho Falls Photographer that’s focuses on weddings, elopements, and portraits. But I’m not just any old photographer. I’m a profession photographer that studied photography and art in college. When you get photos from me, they’re art. They’re warm, moody, with composition and proper lighting. I love what I do and I love seeing how happy all of my clients are! I’ve been so happy, I decided to make a project dedicated on building my business.

Whenever I’m not shooting a happy couple or editing, I’ve been building my business. For the past few weeks, I’ve really started focusing on advertising, one of the most important aspects about having business. If you can’t advertise, you can’t have a business. It’s my absolute dream to be an Idaho Falls photographer as popular as Anna Christine. (go check her out, she’s an amazing photographer!) If I want to reach my goals, I decided to hold photoshoots specifically to advertise, and to create fliers, business cards, and social media advertising.


The dumbest thing I could possibly do was invest my money without doing any research first. That would’ve been silly! So I took a trip down to Idaho Falls to gather some ideas. While I was there, I needed to get my oil changed. So while I was at Grease Monkey, I found myself staring at a public bulletin board. That’s when it hit me: physical advertisement is quite underrated. You can call me an old timer, but you can’t say that physical advertisements are absolutely useless. There are times when it can be quite affective, especially in places where people are waiting and are bored, just like how I was at Grease Monkey. That’s when I decided to make some fliers and business cards to put in public bulletin boards.

I immediately started making mood boards for my business cards and advertising, just like how I made a mood board when I first started my business. Now, I knew right off the bat that I wouldn’t just do physical advertising. I also planned on doing a few advertisements using Facebook and Instagram. I know it’s pretty silly, but I also made myself an advertising proposal. I found that I feel much more organized and prepared when I put everything into words.

First page of the advertising project plan

Second page of the advertising project plan with photo inspiration


As I researched, I wanted to make sure that I stood out as an Idaho Falls photographer and people could know my style just by looking at a business card. That’s when I came up with the idea of making my business cards look like Polaroids. I’ve always loved the nostalgic film colors Polaroids give. People also associate Polaroids with photography and happy memories.

As for the fliers, I didn’t have a huge epiphany like I did with the business cards. It was more of a trial and error process than anything.  At first, I thought about listing my prices on the flier. I designed it and hated it. It was too crowded with too much overwhelming information. Thinking that it was the way I designed it, I restructured the entire flier. I ended up doing this three more times before giving up. No, I didn’t give up on the flier idea. Instead, I took out the prices and went for a more minimalistic route. I simply placed a QR code to my website on my flier. That way, people interested can not only see my prices but also see more of my photography as well. I ended up liking the QR code idea so much that I used it for my business cards as well.

Taking the Photos

This was the most important part of this entire project. If I couldn’t get good photos to advertise, what on earth would I advertise?! So, I decided to do a few photoshoots for them. I took hundreds of photos but here are a few of my favorites!

idaho falls photographer weddings and portrait of a girl on the beach warm and moody

idaho falls photographer weddings and elopements warm and moody

detail wedding shots of the bridesmaids holding bouquets

idaho falls photographer bridals wedding elopement bride with long veil


idaho falls photographer wedding elopements and portrait of girl with her hands up for a photoshoot to advertise my business

idaho falls photographer wedding detail shot of groom fixing his white sleeve

In my last two blog posts, both weddings and portraits,  I showed a lot more photos and went in more depth if you’d like to look at that.

Advertising as an Idaho Falls Photographer

After taking lots of photos, I was ready. I printed out my fliers and business cards and began doing paid advertising using Instagram and Facebook. For the social media, I showed the pictures I just showed you and stated that I have openings. And guess what?! I got booked!

It only took a few minutes to make social media ads but it took a while to get the fliers and business cards done. I went to Idaho Falls and thought about where my ideal clients would be. I placed fliers and business cards in wedding dress shops, boutiques, and spas. I did the same thing with Rexburg! Go out and see if you can find them!

I also got a lot of booking from people seeing my fliers and business cards! I’m so happy!

Now, I know that you’re dying to see how my fliers and cards look like. Are you ready?

idaho falls photographer business cads and flier with golden light

Ta-da! I won’t go into too much detail in how I took this photo but basically I used two speedlights and a reflector. One speedlight had two colored gels on it to make that warm beautiful glow. I purposefully directed the light to fall on the word ‘light’ in LaShay and Light Photography. I wanted it to be dramatic, romantic, and warm, just like how all of my other photos are.

Final Thoughts

So, you’ve read all of this. Congrats! I hope that reading this has showed you what type of photographer I am. I’m hard working and artistic. I love to show beautiful stories in beautiful ways. If you’re interested in me and my work, contact me!

My Top 10 Portraits of Spring 2021

I spent spring 2021 shooting a lot of portraits; let’s look at my top 10!

Summer has just begun and it’s already got me reminiscing about spring. More specifically, all of the amazing portraits I took this spring. If the rest of 2021 is going to be as amazing as this spring, well, I’m going to be pretty darn happy.  Since I don’t like reminiscing alone, I thought I’d share with you my favorite photos so far. I even went so far as creating a list of my top 10 portraits of spring 2021 just for you. Enjoy!

10: Little Ballerina

A young ballerina sitting and looking at the light

I don’t take a lot of photos with kids. My main focus are couples, weddings, and portraits. But this was so fun! I decided to take a photo inspired by Degas’ ballerina paintings. I always adored the candid poses of the ballerinas. I really tried to capture that. Instead of having this little ballerina dance or stretched, I had her sit down and pretend she was listening to her dance instructor.

9: Teasing Lovebirds

bride tugging at grooms tie - number 9 of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

This is now my favorite pose to do with brides and grooms. I love how flirty and cute the tugging at the tie is!

8: Dramatic Lights

model touching neck with rgb lights

Similar to the last photo, I love this pose. It just feels so elegant. I added rgb lights to create a soft blue fill light and a harsh red highlight. I love the contrast between the two. I also love how she’s gazing towards the mellow blue light. It really goes well with this pose. For those reasons, I definitely believe this should be in my top 10 portraits of Spring 2021.

7: White Background

model with white background and blue makeup

Sometimes, a simple background is the best background. I really wanted to emphasize her dazzling makeup and her blue velvet dress so I placed a large softbox behind her. But this isn’t the main reason why it’s in my top 10. The reason is actually more of a personal reason. Ever since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve struggled with finding my style. Editing this image helped me distinguish what I like and dislike.

6: Picture Perfect

model with flowers in her hair 6 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I just love this pose. Its a very difficult pose to do without looking cheesy but she absolutely rocked it. I placed  two lights by her, both on opposite sides of her. That’s how I got her dress to really sparkle. It adds more shape and interest into this photo. This type of setup was definitely one of the best things I’ve learned in 2021!

5: Destination Bridals

bride at string lake 5 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I just love the aesthetics of this photo. Destination bridals have always been my favorite shoots. There’s just something really extraordinary about a beautiful dress with an equally beautiful landscape. I shot this at String Lake, Montana, a truly beautiful place! This is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot portraits now!

4: Perfectly Cropped

perfectly cropped bride 4 out  of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I know what you’re thinking: Kaylee, this isn’t a portrait! But you’re wrong! Does a portrait have to show your face to be considered a portrait? The eyes may be the windows to the soul but the rest of the body has a bit of story to tell.

I also love the colors in this photo. It feels very spring to me! Although I can’t say my work is even comparable to the masterpieces of these artists, I still feel a sense of springtime in this photo.

3: Black Background

black background cowboy 3 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

Now, we had a white background. It would have been wrong not to this black background! You might be thinking that I used my not-so-secret black background technique on this cowboy but I didn’t! I actually got really lucky. Inside this haunted old mansion (where I shot this), there was this black niche in the wall and a window right next to it. When I had him stand in it, I got this phenomenal diffused lighting that melted into darkness. It looks like something straight out of movie and I absolutely loved it.

A little fun fact about this shoot: It was late May, spring was in full swing, and it was snowing. It was absolutely freezing and was close to a blizzard! I couldn’t believe the weather. However, we were thankfully able to take photos inside were it was a tad warmer.

2:  Blowing a Kiss

rgb model blowing a kiss 2 out  of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

This one has a very feeling than number eight! We had the same colors but I moved the lights closer to her so they’re more saturated. I had her put on this fur coat which gave this photo amazing texture and looked so cool in the light! The outfit, the lighting, and the pose just goes so well together. I’m definitely getting late night party vibes and I love it.

1: Light Tube Painting

light tube painting 1 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

You knew this one was going to be number one, right? Everything that needed to happen to get this photo perfect, happened. My model stayed perfectly still. There was just enough sun to give color in the sky. The light painting was nearly symmetrical. I just love this photo so much. There was a lot that went into this photo and it is more than worthy to be my number one in my top 10 portraits of spring 2021. Congrats photo!

I had a lot of fun shooting these photos and learned a lot from them. Do you want me to make a top 10 list again for summer? Let me know down below!

Detail Wedding Shots for Advertising My Business

I just had to get some detail wedding shots for my advertising campaign!

You know me, I’m a sucker for detail. I love the standard full-body and wide angle shots just as much as the next person, but there’s something special about the small little things. They often tell much more story, don’t you think? As I’ve been taking photos to put into advertising, I couldn’t help but add some detail wedding shots.

Wedding detail shot of the bride and grooms wedding ringsThere’s nothing like the classic ring shot. It’s classy, timeless, and my number one must-have detail wedding shot. I placed the two rings on a white sheet of cardboard. To add some color, I placed cream and dusty blue ribbons in the background. I used a shallow aperture, f/1.4, to blur it and focus on the rings.

Bride and grooms perfume bottles with ribbons and white background

This one’s pretty similar to the first one, settings-wise. I used the same background, added ribbons, and used a shallow aperture. However, for this one, I added some plants in the background. I tilted the bottles towards each other to help show their relationship.

After taking the ring, perfume, and stationary shots, many photographers would stop right there. But I don’t. Portrait details are my absolute favorite and I can’t miss out on an opportunity to take some.

wedding detail shot of groom fixing his white sleeve

wedding detail shot of the groom's pink boutonniere

As you can see from these two photos, I focused on two separate details: the boutonniere and the Groom’s tuxedo. It’s important not to get impatient and try cramming all of the details into one giant wedding detail shot. That just makes them look too busy. I’ve found that simplicity is key.

bride touching her necklace detail wedding shots of the bridesmaids holding bouquets

You may have noticed already but I don’t typically keep my subject’s face in the picture. Our eye is naturally drawn towards faces and they pull attention away from the details.

I really enjoyed taking these detail wedding shots and I’m sure they’ll be perfect for my advertising campaign! I also did another photoshoot on the beaches of Mexico for this campaign, check it out! 

I had a Photoshoot to Advertise My Business

I traveled to another country to have a photoshoot to advertise my business.

I know going out of the country for advertising seems a little extra, especially for a small town photographer. But what can I say? I’m an extra sort of person. Besides, the stars really aligned for this photoshoot. The shoot was planned out to be in beautiful San Carlos, Mexico. If I had to choose any photoshoot to advertise my business, it would be this one.

model with her hands up for a photoshoot to advertise my business

We did this photoshoot at sunset. I honestly can’t imagine what it would have looked like without this beautiful golden light. Wanting these images to have a dream-like quality, I added a little grain and blur.

photoshoot to advertise my business detail shots of models hands

This photo is a detail shot of the last image. I find detail shots incredibly important and always makes sure that they’re in every gallery I send out. Therefore, it would have been silly for me not to include detail shots in a photoshoot to advertise my business.

 a model plays with her hair by the ocean

I have always wanted to do a photoshoot at the ocean. Being a Rexburg photographer, there simply isn’t any ocean to take photos at. So I was ecstatic to have this opportunity! After getting a few shots by the mountains, we moved onto the beach and did the rest of the photos there.

model walking to the water photoshoot to advertisegirl in the ocean with pink dress

It would have been a wasted opportunity if we didn’t get into the water for this photoshoot. First off, its so pretty but second of all, I think it shows what sort of photographer I am.

I’m unafraid of getting wet or sandy to get a great photo. Many times, after a photoshoot, I’m covered in mud or pine needles. I know how to take a great photo and I’m unafraid to get dirty while doing that. I really hope that this photoshoot to advertise my business shows that!

This photoshoot wasn’t the only thing I did to advertise. No, no. I did another photoshoot! Check it out!

I plan to use these photos to advertise in multiple ways. Many websites say that the best way to advertise is through social media or technology in some shape or form. I completely agree but I would also like to add to that.

Don’t forget about physical advertising. Physical advertising still has some power, you just have to be creative about it. So, to prove my point, I’ll be doing some physical advertising soon. I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Rustic Cabin Interior Decor Photography

This rustic cabin’s interior decor are must-have photos for your mood board.

I got to photograph the most beautiful cabin, the Riverfront Retreat! The outside, which I covered in my last post, was drop dead gorgeous. But the inside was just stunning! It so cozy and authentic. So if you’re looking for rustic cabin interior decor inspiration, I have just the photos for you.

Nothing says statement piece like a buffalo skull over a blazing fireplace. This is the perfect piece for the Riverfront Retreat, which is nestled between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Park. But for me, what really makes the interior decor shine are the lamps. I love how unique and warm they are! It reminds me of something like the photos in this article.

To take this photo, I placed my tripod on the table and bracketed the image. Bracketing is when you take multiple images of varying brightness and compile them into one photo. This helped retain the beautiful detail in the lamps.

rustic cabin interior decor bedroom with buffalo painting and quilt

This bedroom was absolutely gorgeous. The wall was made out of reclaimed wood and had the most beautiful colors. The satchel and clothes hanging up on the wall is authentic mountain men clothing and made by local mountain men. Just like the other one, the light really makes this photo. I love how the light arches and points at the bed and the painting. This rustic cabin interior décor just screams cozy to me.

For this image, I warmed it up a bit by color grading it. Color grading is when you add specific colors to the highlights, midtones, or shadows. I found this makes it look a lot warmer and natural compared to just warming up the white balance temperature.

metal chandelier in cabin chic decorating

I just love this chandelier with all of my heart. Its so chic and gives the rustic cabin interior decor an industrial flare. I think it really elevates the entire look and design of Riverfront Retreat.

rustic cabin interior decor in the kitchen with large whimsical fairy house as a centerpiece

Have you ever thought about having a fairy house as a centerpiece? I never knew that I needed fairy decor in rustic cabins but I really do.  I hope this becomes a trend because I really need to see more fairy inspired centerpieces.

For this photo, I followed the rule of thirds. I also placed the centerpiece under the light so it made a sort of spotlight on the fairy house. Like the rest of my photos, I bracketed this image. This allowed the forest to be seen out of the windows and I feel like that elevates this photo.

rustic cabin interior decor stone fireplace with buffalo hide rug

Isn’t this scene just stunning? I can imagine curling up and reading next to this fireplace. The rug next to the fireplace is buffalo hide, taken after the buffalo passed away naturally.

While taking this photo, I shot from a low angle. This allowed me to get more of the buffalo in the foreground and reflections from the chandelier in the fireplace.

I hope these pictures have inspired you as you decorate your own rustic cabin. Happy decorating!

Rustic Dream House Photography

I fell in love with this rustic dream house as much as I have fallen for photography!

Close your eyes. Actually, don’t; you wouldn’t be able to read this if your eyes are closed. So just imagine your dream house. Is it a studio apartment in New York City? Is it a villa on a hill? Well, my dream a cabin nestled in the forest by a babbling brook. And you won’t believe it. No, I didn’t buy my rustic dream house but I did get to take photos of it! So if you’re here to see some rustic dream house photography to put on your mood board or wish list, you’re in the right place.

Riverfront Retreat cabin with forest and sunburst

Isn’t this place beautiful?! For those who already dead set on buying this cabin, I have some bad news and good news. It’s not for sale. However, it is an Airbnb! This is the Riverfront Retreat in Island Park, Idaho. It’s absolutely stunning with large windows, reclaimed wood, and a stunning view of a forest and sparking river. It’s the definition of rustic dream house. It reminds me a lot of these stunning cabins.

Let’s talk a little more about this photo. For this one, and the rest of the photos I’m about to show you, I did a lot of dodging and burning. Dodge and burn is a photography term that means to manually adjust how light or dark certain parts of an image is. For this one, I used dodge and burn to really emphasize the texture in the wood.

I also bracketed this image and all of the other ones. It’s really a must when doing rustic dream house photography. I took multiple images, some light and some dark. Next, I compiled them on my computer to make a beautifully exposed photograph.

front door of a rustic dream house cabin with sunset

I bracketed this image. However, even with bracketing, the sky was overexposed! So I manually added a sky in Photoshop. I also played a lot with dodge and burn. This gave it such a dramatic and moody feeling to it. Between the front door and the guest’s front door, there was a large pile of snow. So, I decided to edit that out using the clone tool in Photoshop.

rustic cabin balcony facing the forest with two chairs

I took this photo out on the cabin’s balcony. I really wanted to get a new perspective since the rest of my photos are outside facing in. When I was setting up for this photo, I tilted the chairs towards each other. I can’t really explain why I did this but I think it gives the image a lot more personality.

rustic dream house photography cabin with rock tower in front

At the rivers edge, there are these cute rock towers. I loved these details and  just new I had to photograph them. I think focusing on smaller details in architecture photography shows a lot of personality to the place.

When I bracketed this one, it did have a sky. But it was a boring sky. So, I decided to add a new sky. As you’ve probably noticed, I have done a different sky with every photo. This is because some skies look better than others in certain photos. It also shows that this cabin is beautiful in all types of lighting.

rustic dream house photography cabin by river with dramatic sunset

Ta-da! This is by far my favorite picture that I took. The lights really made this photo. It created little sunbursts, golden reflections, and a dreamy warmth to the whole photo. Because of how beautiful the lights and colors were, I just had to give it a dramatic sky. If this hasn’t convinced you that this is the pinnacle of rustic dream house photography, I don’t know what else will.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You want to see the inside! Well, guess what? I made a post exclusively on the inside of Riverfront Retreat.

Fan Made Ad Photography

As a fan of the Crystal Light brand, I thought it would be fun to do a little fan-made ad for them!

I love making ads for my favorite brands. So, while drinking some Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light, I decided to make an advertisement for them. My vision for this fan made ad was a bunch of lemons and raspberries falling into a cup. Here’s how I did it!

Setting up for the fan made ad

set up for the crystal light fan made ad

The set up for this photo was pretty simple. I just need lemons, raspberries, Crystal light, a cup, and someone to help! We also had pitchers of water on standby because a lot of water would splash around and leave the cup.

Editing the photos

unedited photo of the fan made ad of crystal light

This photo is straight out of the camera. This is actually one of many that I took. What we did was drop the fruit into the water and I held the shutter, taking a bunch of photos. Then, I did some basic edits on the ones I likes and then masked them all together. This made it look like it was taken all in one shot.

Fan made Crystal Light advertisement

fan made crystal light advertisement

Ta-da! As you can see, I added a lot more lemons and raspberries by masking the images. I also brightened it up a lot. For the text, I found a font that was similar to the crystal light logo. I used yellow to complement the lemons. For the rest of the text, I used a sans serif in the same color as the logo. I mentioned the lemons, raspberries, and used the word ‘drop’ to reference the photo.

What do you think of my fan made ad for Crystal Light? Which product would you like me to make an ad for next? Let me know in the comments!

Making Product Photography in Idaho

Does anyone in Idaho need a product photographer? Because I’m in love with it!

I know I’ve said this a million times but I love product photographer. Honestly, I’ve considered becoming a product photographer! I only I didn’t love portraits so much. Product photographer is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Here are a few I took recently.

Indoor Product Photography

Idaho product photographer - steaming abuelita mexican hot chocolate

Food and drink photography is so amazing. One of my favorite Idaho product photographer, Bruce Redman, specializes in food and drink. He was a big inspiration for this photo! I placed it next to a fireplace, to give it a warm and cozy feeling. Being a perfectionist, I fiddled with this setup for quite a while. When I was finally ready to take the photos, the hot chocolate was no longer hot! So in post, I added steam.

Idaho wedding photographer flat lay wedding invitations

I had a lot of fun creating this flat lay. I love playing with composition and focal points! I specifically placed the ring on top of the wood slab so it would add more dimension. I also placed the perfume on the opposite side of the ring to balance the weight of the composition.

idaho photographer purple skincare product

I really love this photo! I had a purple light overhead to make nice highlights. When I first took this photo, it looked good but I looked too empty. So, I added a bit of fake ice. I felt like the ice shows that the skincare products are cool and refreshing! I also love how the purple light hits it.

wedding ring flat lay with daisies and ferns wedding rexburg photographer

I’m a huge fan of ferns so I just knew I had to add them for this photo! The fern gives it such nice leading lines. Speaking of leading lines, I also pointed the daisies towards the ring to emphasize the focal point.

Outdoor Photography

When I went to the national parks near Idaho, I brought along my thermal water from Avêne. It was small enough to fit perfectly in my camera bag so I thought it would be smart to take. I’m so glad that I did!

avene thermal water product on a rock in the water

Because my product was thermal spring water, it felt wrong not putting it near the water. So, while I was at Yellowstone National Park, I found a little creek and placed my Avêne thermal water on it. I really love the reflections in this photo.

avene thermal water at the tetons on a rock tower While at the Grand Teton National Park, I found this cool rock tower right next to the Tetons and a beautiful lake! It felt like it was made just for this photo. I used an 85mm lens which gave it a lot of lens compression. This made the mountains look so big in the background!

I had so much fun exploring Idaho and places near it to find the perfect spots to shoot some products. Which one was your favorite? Where or what do you want me to shoot next? Let me know down in the comments!

I Love My Yellowstone Photo Print

When I took this photo at Yellowstone, I just knew it needed to be printed and hung inside my house.

There’s nothing like a print. Don’t get me wrong, digital images are great but they have nothing on prints. Photography prints are shiny, sleek, and tangible. You can really see the image from all angles. It’s the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a house. As you can tell, I love photo prints. So when I went to Yellowstone to take photos, I just knew that I needed to print out one of my images. More specifically, this image of the setting sun with a double sunburst.

sunset at Yellowstone with double sunburst and dead trees stormy clouds

Doesn’t this just scream “Make me a 16×24 metallic print!”? I just can’t get over how pretty it’s going to be! It reminds me of Richard Wong’s Yellowstone photo, so dramatic and jaw-dropping.

I was so excited that I decided to do a little mockup. That way I can really imagine what it’s going to look like inside my house.

Double Sun Flare Yellowstone Photo Print Mockup Print above Bed

I wish that my house looked like this. But this mockup of my Yellowstone photo print is really getting me excited! I love Yellowstone and I love photography so I’m excited to see what my Yellowstone photo print will look like in my actual house!

As I’m writing this right now, I haven’t received my print yet (I’m counting down the days). But when I do receive my beautiful Yellowstone photo print, I will definitely show you guys! I’ll update this blog post soon to show all of you my beautiful metallic print. So check on blog soon to see it!


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