As a fan of the Crystal Light brand, I thought it would be fun to do a little fan-made ad for them!

I love making ads for my favorite brands. So, while drinking some Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light, I decided to make an advertisement for them. My vision for this fan made ad was a bunch of lemons and raspberries falling into a cup. Here’s how I did it!

Setting up for the fan made ad

set up for the crystal light fan made ad

The set up for this photo was pretty simple. I just need lemons, raspberries, Crystal light, a cup, and someone to help! We also had pitchers of water on standby because a lot of water would splash around and leave the cup.

Editing the photos

unedited photo of the fan made ad of crystal light

This photo is straight out of the camera. This is actually one of many that I took. What we did was drop the fruit into the water and I held the shutter, taking a bunch of photos. Then, I did some basic edits on the ones I likes and then masked them all together. This made it look like it was taken all in one shot.

Fan made Crystal Light advertisement

fan made crystal light advertisement

Ta-da! As you can see, I added a lot more lemons and raspberries by masking the images. I also brightened it up a lot. For the text, I found a font that was similar to the crystal light logo. I used yellow to complement the lemons. For the rest of the text, I used a sans serif in the same color as the logo. I mentioned the lemons, raspberries, and used the word ‘drop’ to reference the photo.

What do you think of my fan made ad for Crystal Light? Which product would you like me to make an ad for next? Let me know in the comments!