When I took this photo at Yellowstone, I just knew it needed to be printed and hung inside my house.

There’s nothing like a print. Don’t get me wrong, digital images are great but they have nothing on prints. Photography prints are shiny, sleek, and tangible. You can really see the image from all angles. It’s the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a house. As you can tell, I love photo prints. So when I went to Yellowstone to take photos, I just knew that I needed to print out one of my images. More specifically, this image of the setting sun with a double sunburst.

sunset at Yellowstone with double sunburst and dead trees stormy clouds

Doesn’t this just scream “Make me a 16×24 metallic print!”? I just can’t get over how pretty it’s going to be! It reminds me of Richard Wong’s Yellowstone photo, so dramatic and jaw-dropping.

I was so excited that I decided to do a little mockup. That way I can really imagine what it’s going to look like inside my house.

Double Sun Flare Yellowstone Photo Print Mockup Print above Bed

I wish that my house looked like this. But this mockup of my Yellowstone photo print is really getting me excited! I love Yellowstone and I love photography so I’m excited to see what my Yellowstone photo print will look like in my actual house!

As I’m writing this right now, I haven’t received my print yet (I’m counting down the days). But when I do receive my beautiful Yellowstone photo print, I will definitely show you guys! I’ll update this blog post soon to show all of you my beautiful metallic print. So check on blog soon to see it!