Painting with light takes product photography to a whole other level

I love product photography. If I didn’t love wedding photography so much, I’d probably do product photography full-time. I love doing it in my free time and I think I may have found my favorite technique: light painting.

Light painting is when use a long exposure and run a light around a subject. This creates interesting shadows and tones. It can also make colorful light trails. One of my favorite photographers, Mark Duffy, uses light photography in his work. Inspired by his work, I tried out light painting product photography myself.

Light Painting Soda

soda bottle light painting product photography colored light on the ground

Right when I decided to light paint products, this image immediately popped into my head. I love the colored light soda bottles give. So, I decided to shine a light on the bottles to get these colors. This photo is actually three photos merged into one. One photo got the light onto the ground. The second lit up the Grapefruit Kiss logo. The third and last photo lit up the bottle caps.

coca-cola bottles lit up light painting product photography starbursts

l love this photo so much! When I took this photo, I couldn’t stop smiling! To get this photo, I had a light in multiple places. The first one was underneath the plexiglass. This gave the bottles a nice glow from underneath. Next, I used a flashlight to light up the Coke labels. Finally, I used a pen light to create the sunbursts and highlight details. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures!

red and green soda bottles light painting products glowing

I did basically the same technique for this one as I did for the Coca-Cola photo. My favorite part of this photo is the sunburst on the Shirley Temple soda bottle. It reminds me of a sunrise!

Miscellaneous Light Paintings

doctors gear light painting glowing bottles suitcase glasses scissors


These two photos are a little random but I like the way they look! Both are more than five photos merged together, each photo lighting different parts of the subjects.


I absolutely loved making these photos. It goes without question that I’ll definitely be using the light painting technique more with product photography. The only question left is what product I should photograph next? Let me know what you want to see next in the comments below!