Does anyone in Idaho need a product photographer? Because I’m in love with it!

I know I’ve said this a million times but I love product photographer. Honestly, I’ve considered becoming a product photographer! I only I didn’t love portraits so much. Product photographer is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Here are a few I took recently.

Indoor Product Photography

Idaho product photographer - steaming abuelita mexican hot chocolate

Food and drink photography is so amazing. One of my favorite Idaho product photographer, Bruce Redman, specializes in food and drink. He was a big inspiration for this photo! I placed it next to a fireplace, to give it a warm and cozy feeling. Being a perfectionist, I fiddled with this setup for quite a while. When I was finally ready to take the photos, the hot chocolate was no longer hot! So in post, I added steam.

Idaho wedding photographer flat lay wedding invitations

I had a lot of fun creating this flat lay. I love playing with composition and focal points! I specifically placed the ring on top of the wood slab so it would add more dimension. I also placed the perfume on the opposite side of the ring to balance the weight of the composition.

idaho photographer purple skincare product

I really love this photo! I had a purple light overhead to make nice highlights. When I first took this photo, it looked good but I looked too empty. So, I added a bit of fake ice. I felt like the ice shows that the skincare products are cool and refreshing! I also love how the purple light hits it.

wedding ring flat lay with daisies and ferns wedding rexburg photographer

I’m a huge fan of ferns so I just knew I had to add them for this photo! The fern gives it such nice leading lines. Speaking of leading lines, I also pointed the daisies towards the ring to emphasize the focal point.

Outdoor Photography

When I went to the national parks near Idaho, I brought along my thermal water from Avêne. It was small enough to fit perfectly in my camera bag so I thought it would be smart to take. I’m so glad that I did!

avene thermal water product on a rock in the water

Because my product was thermal spring water, it felt wrong not putting it near the water. So, while I was at Yellowstone National Park, I found a little creek and placed my Avêne thermal water on it. I really love the reflections in this photo.

avene thermal water at the tetons on a rock tower While at the Grand Teton National Park, I found this cool rock tower right next to the Tetons and a beautiful lake! It felt like it was made just for this photo. I used an 85mm lens which gave it a lot of lens compression. This made the mountains look so big in the background!

I had so much fun exploring Idaho and places near it to find the perfect spots to shoot some products. Which one was your favorite? Where or what do you want me to shoot next? Let me know down in the comments!