I spent spring 2021 shooting a lot of portraits; let’s look at my top 10!

Summer has just begun and it’s already got me reminiscing about spring. More specifically, all of the amazing portraits I took this spring. If the rest of 2021 is going to be as amazing as this spring, well, I’m going to be pretty darn happy.  Since I don’t like reminiscing alone, I thought I’d share with you my favorite photos so far. I even went so far as creating a list of my top 10 portraits of spring 2021 just for you. Enjoy!

10: Little Ballerina

A young ballerina sitting and looking at the light

I don’t take a lot of photos with kids. My main focus are couples, weddings, and portraits. But this was so fun! I decided to take a photo inspired by Degas’ ballerina paintings. I always adored the candid poses of the ballerinas. I really tried to capture that. Instead of having this little ballerina dance or stretched, I had her sit down and pretend she was listening to her dance instructor.

9: Teasing Lovebirds

bride tugging at grooms tie - number 9 of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

This is now my favorite pose to do with brides and grooms. I love how flirty and cute the tugging at the tie is!

8: Dramatic Lights

model touching neck with rgb lights

Similar to the last photo, I love this pose. It just feels so elegant. I added rgb lights to create a soft blue fill light and a harsh red highlight. I love the contrast between the two. I also love how she’s gazing towards the mellow blue light. It really goes well with this pose. For those reasons, I definitely believe this should be in my top 10 portraits of Spring 2021.

7: White Background

model with white background and blue makeup

Sometimes, a simple background is the best background. I really wanted to emphasize her dazzling makeup and her blue velvet dress so I placed a large softbox behind her. But this isn’t the main reason why it’s in my top 10. The reason is actually more of a personal reason. Ever since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve struggled with finding my style. Editing this image helped me distinguish what I like and dislike.

6: Picture Perfect

model with flowers in her hair 6 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I just love this pose. Its a very difficult pose to do without looking cheesy but she absolutely rocked it. I placed  two lights by her, both on opposite sides of her. That’s how I got her dress to really sparkle. It adds more shape and interest into this photo. This type of setup was definitely one of the best things I’ve learned in 2021!

5: Destination Bridals

bride at string lake 5 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I just love the aesthetics of this photo. Destination bridals have always been my favorite shoots. There’s just something really extraordinary about a beautiful dress with an equally beautiful landscape. I shot this at String Lake, Montana, a truly beautiful place! This is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot portraits now!

4: Perfectly Cropped

perfectly cropped bride 4 out  of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

I know what you’re thinking: Kaylee, this isn’t a portrait! But you’re wrong! Does a portrait have to show your face to be considered a portrait? The eyes may be the windows to the soul but the rest of the body has a bit of story to tell.

I also love the colors in this photo. It feels very spring to me! Although I can’t say my work is even comparable to the masterpieces of these artists, I still feel a sense of springtime in this photo.

3: Black Background

black background cowboy 3 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

Now, we had a white background. It would have been wrong not to this black background! You might be thinking that I used my not-so-secret black background technique on this cowboy but I didn’t! I actually got really lucky. Inside this haunted old mansion (where I shot this), there was this black niche in the wall and a window right next to it. When I had him stand in it, I got this phenomenal diffused lighting that melted into darkness. It looks like something straight out of movie and I absolutely loved it.

A little fun fact about this shoot: It was late May, spring was in full swing, and it was snowing. It was absolutely freezing and was close to a blizzard! I couldn’t believe the weather. However, we were thankfully able to take photos inside were it was a tad warmer.

2:  Blowing a Kiss

rgb model blowing a kiss 2 out  of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

This one has a very feeling than number eight! We had the same colors but I moved the lights closer to her so they’re more saturated. I had her put on this fur coat which gave this photo amazing texture and looked so cool in the light! The outfit, the lighting, and the pose just goes so well together. I’m definitely getting late night party vibes and I love it.

1: Light Tube Painting

light tube painting 1 out of top 10 portraits of spring 2021

You knew this one was going to be number one, right? Everything that needed to happen to get this photo perfect, happened. My model stayed perfectly still. There was just enough sun to give color in the sky. The light painting was nearly symmetrical. I just love this photo so much. There was a lot that went into this photo and it is more than worthy to be my number one in my top 10 portraits of spring 2021. Congrats photo!

I had a lot of fun shooting these photos and learned a lot from them. Do you want me to make a top 10 list again for summer? Let me know down below!