I made a recreation of the iconic Titanic poster!

I wanted to put my photoshop skills to the test, but in a fun way! So I decided to do something I normally don’t do. I decided to recreate the Titanic movie poster.

Original Titanic Movie Poster

Original Titanic Movie Poster

There isn’t a huge, important reason why I chose this movie poster. To be honest, I haven’t even seen the Titanic. When I saw this poster, I noticed that she had curly hair like I do and my husband has blonde hair like Leonardo Di Caprio. So it sounded like a great one to recreate!

The Process of Recreating the Titanic Poster


The hardest part was the posing. It doesn’t look like it was an awkward position but it really was! I’m still not entirely sure how Rose is angled. I guessed that her back was facing the camera and they photoshopped the crease at her neck out. It was a little uncomfortable but my husband and I were able to recreate something similar.

Editing the Skin and Hair

Editing the skin and hair took a very long time, specifically while editing me. Since Rose has red hair, I added a little red to my hair. I tried to match it the best I could! But because I don’t naturally have red hair it looked very fake. My conclusion was to alter my skin tone slightly. I have a very slight olive skin tone whereas Rose has more pink in her skin. So I painted, with a light opacity, a color similar to Rose’s skin over mine. It wasn’t a huge difference but it helped the red hair look a lot more believable.

My husband didn’t really need any editing. He already looked pretty close to Jack.

Making the Titanic

I first considered finding a royalty free image of a boat that looked similar to the Titanic but I wasn’t having any luck. In hindsight, I’m glad I couldn’t find one because I’m proud of how it turned out. I decided to make it a vector graphic. I used the same colors as the Titanic image in the original poster to make it look more believable. Once I added it to my background, I realized the lighting looked a little off. The sky looked like it had light coming in from the right but on the ship, I had light coming in from the left. I liked where the sky was so I simply flipped the ship.

Creating the Titanic Logo

This part was pretty easy because I actually had the font they used in the poster! I just made a few minor adjustments like kerning and voila! I made the Titanic logo!

My Version of the Titanic Poster – Finished Work

Well, it took me some time to make this but I did it! It was really fun making this and I learned a few tricks here and there while making it. So I’d call that a success!

My recreation of the Titanic movie poster

My recreation of the Titanic Poster

What do you think about it? Do you think I should make another? If so, what movie do you want to see next?