Some every day spots may look ordinary at first glance, but you can make them extraordinary shots with just a little creativity!

Think about what you see everyday. You probably don’t even think about what’s around you. This little exercise I did really makes you look at your surroundings. The idea of an ordinary spot, extraordinary shot is a little self explanatory but I highly recommend it. It pushes your creativity and makes you see things in a different light.

Some of my favorite photographers use this exercise to help them see in a new way and find beauty in what could be seen as very boring places or objects. A great example of this is Maryline Rivard. One of my favorite pictures of hers is a closeup photo she took of a pinecone. It seems like a boring picture but then she adds a composite of a fairy on the pinecone. Very clever and very cute! Maryline is a great example of finding ordinary sports and making them magical.

Green Bottle

 green spray bottle

Ordinary spot – green spray bottle


Close up of a green glass spray bottle -ordinary spot extraordinary shot

Extraordinary Shot – Close up of a green glass spray bottle

When in doubt, do a close-up shot. This is a photo of this really pretty spray bottle. I decided to take this picture because I love the because of it’s beautiful emerald green color. First, I took the cap off the bottle and lifted it up towards the ceiling light. Using a macro lens, I angled it so the camera was looking through the bottle’s opening and towards the bottom of the bottle. I love how this turned out! The colors were so rich, there was very little editing for me to do!


 plain cd

Ordinary Spot- plain cd

My husband has an old soul. He still keeps a bunch of plain cd’s in case he wants to make a sweet mixtape. I’ve always loved the colors that shine on them. So, I decided to play with light and take a picture. I grabbed my laptop and found a picture with colors I really liked. Then, I place my cd next it and it shined these beautiful colors!

Extraordinary Shot - Rainbow CD

Extraordinary Shot – Rainbow CD

Mirror and Accessories

 Mirror and accessories

Ordinary Shot – Mirror and accessories

I love reflections. My husband’s tie was out and I loved the texture on it. I decided to add a little bit of my jewelry. To spice it up even more, I added a mirror. Trying to angle it just right was a little tricky but I finally got it! I love how it turned out.

Extraordinary Shot - tie with accessories blue stone necklace

Extraordinary Shot – blue stone necklace with accessories

Wedding Ring

wedding ring

Ordinary Shot- wedding ring in the clouds

I sat on my couch and stared at my hands, wondering what I should shoot next. As I stared at my hands, I noticed my beautiful wedding ring. I decided to take pictures of it. This setup was inspired by a tiktok trend where they would place a product on a mirror. Then, you find a picture or video and play it on your laptop to get cool reflections. I’m not sure who first started it but the person I saw do it was Katarina Mogus. Props to her! This was a fun way to play with reflections!

Extraordinary Shot - Ring in the clouds

Extraordinary Shot – Ring in the clouds

This exercise, ordinary spot extraordinary shot, really helped me break out of my comfort zone. I definitely recommend trying this! Happy shooting!