This rustic cabin’s interior decor are must-have photos for your mood board.

I got to photograph the most beautiful cabin, the Riverfront Retreat! The outside, which I covered in my last post, was drop dead gorgeous. But the inside was just stunning! It so cozy and authentic. So if you’re looking for rustic cabin interior decor inspiration, I have just the photos for you.

Nothing says statement piece like a buffalo skull over a blazing fireplace. This is the perfect piece for the Riverfront Retreat, which is nestled between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Park. But for me, what really makes the interior decor shine are the lamps. I love how unique and warm they are! It reminds me of something like the photos in this article.

To take this photo, I placed my tripod on the table and bracketed the image. Bracketing is when you take multiple images of varying brightness and compile them into one photo. This helped retain the beautiful detail in the lamps.

rustic cabin interior decor bedroom with buffalo painting and quilt

This bedroom was absolutely gorgeous. The wall was made out of reclaimed wood and had the most beautiful colors. The satchel and clothes hanging up on the wall is authentic mountain men clothing and made by local mountain men. Just like the other one, the light really makes this photo. I love how the light arches and points at the bed and the painting. This rustic cabin interior décor just screams cozy to me.

For this image, I warmed it up a bit by color grading it. Color grading is when you add specific colors to the highlights, midtones, or shadows. I found this makes it look a lot warmer and natural compared to just warming up the white balance temperature.

metal chandelier in cabin chic decorating

I just love this chandelier with all of my heart. Its so chic and gives the rustic cabin interior decor an industrial flare. I think it really elevates the entire look and design of Riverfront Retreat.

rustic cabin interior decor in the kitchen with large whimsical fairy house as a centerpiece

Have you ever thought about having a fairy house as a centerpiece? I never knew that I needed fairy decor in rustic cabins but I really do.  I hope this becomes a trend because I really need to see more fairy inspired centerpieces.

For this photo, I followed the rule of thirds. I also placed the centerpiece under the light so it made a sort of spotlight on the fairy house. Like the rest of my photos, I bracketed this image. This allowed the forest to be seen out of the windows and I feel like that elevates this photo.

rustic cabin interior decor stone fireplace with buffalo hide rug

Isn’t this scene just stunning? I can imagine curling up and reading next to this fireplace. The rug next to the fireplace is buffalo hide, taken after the buffalo passed away naturally.

While taking this photo, I shot from a low angle. This allowed me to get more of the buffalo in the foreground and reflections from the chandelier in the fireplace.

I hope these pictures have inspired you as you decorate your own rustic cabin. Happy decorating!