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Editing puts magic in photography. As a photo editor, I’m able to do color grading, adding makeup, compositing, and frequency separation. I have six years of experience as a photo editor and have a bachelors in photography. I’m incredibly confident in my skills and there isn’t a photo I’m afraid of editing. 

Lighting and Color Grading

Every raw image needs to be touched up. It’s what I do every day as a photo editor. I excel at editing images to have the correct exposure and a uniform color style. No matter if the lighting is perfect, too bright, too dark, or a weird temperature, I can work with it! I’m also skilled in using curves and calibrations to achieve certain looks and aesthetics. 

Fixing Hair and Makeup

Makeup fades, smears, and smudges. Even if your makeup is perfect in-person, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be perfect in-camera. That’s were a photo editor like me comes in. Using both Photoshop and Lightroom, I can remove flyaways and add or enhance makeup. Some of my favorite things to edit in is a little extra contour to sculpt the faces. 


Compositing is something I’ve had a lot of experience with as a photo editor. There’s been times where you take the perfect photo in every way except for one thing that ruins the whole image. Whether they’re looking away, blinking, or there’s a glare in their glasses, I’m able to composite multiple images to make a seemless perfect scene. With me as your photo editor, you’ll never have to worry about throwing out that almost-perfect photo again!

Frequency Separation

To remove blemishes, a novice might go straight to blurring the entire face. However, as a photo editor with over six years of experience plus being classically trained, I prefer using frequency separation. Without blurring the face, I’m able to remove discoloration and unwanted skin texture using frequency separation. This gives a flawless but natural look that airbrushing can’t simply achieve. This look is absolutely pivotal for wedding and fashion photography, or any other type of close up. 

Photograph by Anna Tarazevich, Edited by Me

Photograph by Timothy Barlin

Photograph by Scott Butcher

Photograph by Monstera Productions

Product Photography

baking product photography
film box  photo editor portfolio
skin care products with an orchid
product photography for backpack
Spirited Away inspired Wedding Photography by Chihiro's bouquet

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