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If you’re planning your wedding and feel a little lost, I’m here to help. This blog is packed with everything you need to know about wedding photography , wedding timelines, and so much more.

I made this to help you make confident decisions when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, even if it don’t choose me. If you have any questions, or ideas for my next blog post, let me know!

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Is 8 Hours of Wedding Photography Enough?

Is 8 Hours of Wedding Photography Enough?

There’s a reason why so many couples choose 8 hours of wedding photography. Typically, this is how long the average wedding is! With this amount of coverage, you won’t have to worry about your photographer leaving before you toss the bouquet or cut the cake. Your photographer would be there for most, if not all of the time.

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5 Best Free Wedding Planning Sites that Every Couple Needs

5 Best Free Wedding Planning Sites that Every Couple Needs

You’re engaged! Now what? Planning a wedding (or elopement) can be crazy stressful. I get it; I’ve been there. There’s so much to do and you don’t know where to start. As a former bride and a wedding photographer, I’ve used a lot of wedding planning sites and I’ve curated my top 5 best free wedding planning sites.

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