I’m in love with Grand Teton Photography and you should be too.

I always get so excited whenever someone asks me for a photoshoot near the Tetons. So imagine how thrilled I was about an inquiry for a photoshoot for two couples at my favorite national park! It was for a newly married couple (we’ll call them Haylee and Mason) and Haylee’s parents (we’ll call them Sean and Jennifer). They wanted to have a photoshoot to celebrate both anniversaries. Isn’t that so sweet and romantic? After doing this photoshoot, I’m convinced that Grand Teton couples photography is peak (pun absolutely intended).

The key to a perfect photoshoot: Prep and Planning

It’s very important to me that I make every photo shoot feel as special as possible. I never want my couples to feel like I do the same thing for every one and that they’re getting a ‘copy and paste’ experience. That’s why I always make sure to get to know my clients before the shoot. Understanding their needs, wants, and personality is crucial in their overall experience. As I got to know this family, I learned that Sean and Jennifer weren’t that adventurous and preferred traditional poses. They also can be a little camera shy (which is one of my specialties). Haylee and Mason, on the other hand, were a little more adventurous.

We originally planned on doing the photoshoot in Schwabacher Landing, a beautiful location that’s really popular with photographers and tourists alike. However, that popularity is a problem. Often times, Schwabacher Landing is packed, the likelihood of distracting people in the background is pretty high. So we did some scouting and found the most perfect spot for Grand Teton couples photography. As usual, I got there extra early and began to plan out where I wanted to pose them and got my camera ready. They came nice and early and we started our photoshoot!

The Family

I always like to start out with the biggest group and then break out into smaller groups. This family wanted just a few group photos; they’re main focus was getting couple photos. And, like always, I adjust the session for my client’s needs.

Grand teton family photos

mother daughter family photos gtnp

Haylee & Mason

Grand Teton couples photography engagement with mountains

Couple holding hands Grand Teton couples photographer engagement

Beautiful, right?! The Teton mountains are the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot. I can’t imagine a better location. From now on, I’m going to try convincing everyone to do Grand Teton couples photography.

Sean & Jennifer

anniversary couple leaning in for a kiss

grand teton couples photography anniversary engagement

I couldn’t stop smiling while I was editing these photos. Both couples are just absolutely stunning. This is, by far, one of my favorite couples photoshoots, and I’m looking forward to my next one in the Grand Tetons! If you were having an anniversary or engagement photoshoot, where would you want it to be? Let me know in the comments!

xo chat soon, Kaylee