I took the most romantic, moody Rexburg engagement photos in a foggy forest.

Some photographers may reschedule at the sight of fog and rain. But as for me, I dream of it. I’ve been hoping for a long time that the weather would grace me to take these photos and it finally happened! I had so much fun taking these photos and the couple was absolutely amazing! These are by far, my favorite Rexburg engagement photos.

But before I go on any further, let me introduce myself! I’m Kaylee. I’m a wedding photographer with a bachelors in Photography and I’ve been doing this for about 6 years now. I serve all of Southeast Idaho, including Rexburg, and beyond. The emphasis in my work is timeless storytelling and delivering high-quality, romantic photos. Oh, and I never put a cap on the amount of photos I deliver. If you want to learn more, click here. Alright, back to the engagement photos!

How to get moody engagement photos

I see a lot of people saying “oh, I like bright and airy photos” or “I love dark and moody”.  And many turn to me and ask which type of photographer am I. The answer is: neither.

Truth be told, most bright-and-airy and dark-and-moody photos relies much more on weather and location than the photographer’s style. I consider myself a true to life photographer that captures the unique essence of your photoshoot. But if you’re really set on having dark and moody Rexburg engagement photos, here’s some tips.

Spring and Fall is the best time to take these type of photos. Because it’s way less bright and sunny but not crazy cold.

Check a weather app and plan for a day that has a high percentage of rain and clouds. Not sponsored, but I recommend the app/site AccuWeather because it gives you the weather for the next 45 days. It’s perfect for planning photoshoots.

Choose a location that’s suits that dark and moody aesthetic. Some places just naturally suit certain looks. You can do long-grass fields, orchards, or the mountains. We did this engagement photos near Mesa Falls, which is pretty close to Rexburg. (It’s also one of my favorite engagement photoshoot locations!)


dark and moody Rexburg engagement photos with mountains and fog

I mean, look at that!! At engagements, I make sure I’m hyping up my couple so that they’re have the best experience possible. So you’re going to see a lot of laughing, candid photos in here but like the one above, we did some serious photos as well.

I absolutely adored taking these photos! It was an honor to capture such a special moment in this couple’s lives. If you’re looking for Rexburg engagement photos yourself, please contact me! I really put my all in my work to make sure I can really capture your love story.

xo chat soon, Kaylee