Found yourselves just watching Netflix for your dates? Shake things up with these 10 fun date night ideas in Idaho Falls!

As a wedding photographer, my life basically revolves around romance. Which means I’m your girl for this kind of thing! In fact, I already made a whole post on romantic date ideas. But this time, we’re going to focus on fun. If you enjoy adventure, laughs, and trying out new things, these date night ideas in Idaho falls will be perfect for you!


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10. Go to a Zoo Event

Going to the Zoo is fun but we’re wanting to wow our partners, right? The Tautphaus Zoo holds regular events such as sippin’ safari, watercolor in the wild, glow parties, and even masquerade balls. They great part is that they have events for nearly every budget, normally starting at $10. This is a great way to break out of your monotony.


9. Take a Cooking Class at Kneaders

Did you know that your local Kneaders hosts cooking classes? But if you’re not a big fan of cooking, don’t worry. They also provide taste testing classes. From decorating cookies to soup contests, there’s really something for both sweet tooths and savory lovers.


8. Learn how to Paint at the Grape Van Gogh

Going to Grape Van Gogh is a great way to get in touch with your artistic side. Even if you swear up and down that you don’t have an ounce of creativity inside of you, you can still make something beautiful! They will help you step by step, just like a real life Bob Ross video. Not only is this really fun, you also get a beautiful painting to hang up in your house. If you’re not living together, I recommend switching paintings so you have something that reminds you of your partner every day.

Not only that, you’re also able to bring your own alcohol during adult events. You can make it your very own paint and sip!


7. Become an Artist at the Art Museum

This is one of my personal favorite date night ideas in Idaho Falls. If you’re wanting to do more than paint and explore other mediums of art, I highly recommend Makers Night at the Art Museum. They have events ranging from pottery painting to creating cocktails. This is the type of date you can put on your rotation and never get bored of it. You’ll learn something new every time that you go.


6. Cuddle up at the Ghost Walk

Getting spooked is the perfect excuse to hold hands and cuddle up close. The Idaho Falls Ghost Walk is a great alternative to scary movies. It’s a chilling tour that will show you all the local haunts and teach you about our early local history.

5. Walk the Greenbelt

This is a beautiful walk (and a beautiful place for couple photos) that isn’t intense. It’s an easy, paved walk right next to the river.


4. Rock Climb at The Edge

If you’re wanting to get a good workout, go to The Edge! They’re a rock climbing center that will fulfill all your adventuring needs. Better yet, on Fridays from 5-10, they offer a discount for couples!


3. Take a Yoga Class Together at Yoga Wellness Connection

The Yoga Wellness Collection hosts numerous classes and there’s sure to be one perfect for you two. Even if you’re not into yoga, they even host barre, dancing, meditation, and even sound baths.


2. Work together at Idaho Escape Rooms

Communication is key in a relationship and there’s no better place to strengthen your communication skills than at an Escape Room! It’s all about teamwork, trying to get out of a locked room. If you enjoy puzzles and mysteries, you’ll enjoy this too.


1. Do a Couples Photoshoot at LaShay and Light Wedding Photography

Photoshoots can get a bad rep. If you’re camera shy, this might sound stiff, nerve-wracking, or boring. But trust me, it’s anything but. As a photographer, I make sure that my couples’ photoshoots are fun! The experience is just as important as the photos you get afterwards. You can have just the photoshoot as your date and I’ll give you poses and fun prompts to follow or you can incorporate the photoshoot into other activities you want to do. Imagine this: setting up a date (it can really be anything from picnics and fairs to going on a hike) and bringing a photographer along! If you want to go with this route, I recommend a mini session (15 or 30 minutes). That way you’ll get a good amount of photos but you can also have some time just the two of you alone.

I genuinely believe that this is one of the best date night ideas in Idaho Falls! You get to dress up and be all cutesy with your partner! Not only that, you get gorgeous photos afterwards, genuine moments captured for a lifetime. If you’re interested in a couples photoshoot, feel free to contact me! I’d love to help you make this the best date ever!

date night ideas in idaho falls

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What are your favorite things to do in Idaho Falls?

I hope this helps you find some fun date night ideas in Idaho Falls! If I missed any of your favorite things to do, share them in the comments! If you’re wanting to see some more date night ideas, check out this site and my last blog post. I’m thinking about, for my next date night list, I’m going to do Rexburg. If that’s something you’re interested in, let me know!

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