I’m an Idaho Falls Photographer that loves to make beautiful, artistic photos. I love it so much I decided to do a whole project on it!

Hey! You found my website, LaShay and Light Photography! I’m an Idaho Falls Photographer that’s focuses on weddings, elopements, and portraits. But I’m not just any old photographer. I’m a profession photographer that studied photography and art in college. When you get photos from me, they’re art. They’re warm, moody, with composition and proper lighting. I love what I do and I love seeing how happy all of my clients are! I’ve been so happy, I decided to make a project dedicated on building my business.

Whenever I’m not shooting a happy couple or editing, I’ve been building my business. For the past few weeks, I’ve really started focusing on advertising, one of the most important aspects about having business. If you can’t advertise, you can’t have a business. It’s my absolute dream to be an Idaho Falls photographer as popular as Anna Christine. (go check her out, she’s an amazing photographer!) If I want to reach my goals, I decided to hold photoshoots specifically to advertise, and to create fliers, business cards, and social media advertising.


The dumbest thing I could possibly do was invest my money without doing any research first. That would’ve been silly! So I took a trip down to Idaho Falls to gather some ideas. While I was there, I needed to get my oil changed. So while I was at Grease Monkey, I found myself staring at a public bulletin board. That’s when it hit me: physical advertisement is quite underrated. You can call me an old timer, but you can’t say that physical advertisements are absolutely useless. There are times when it can be quite affective, especially in places where people are waiting and are bored, just like how I was at Grease Monkey. That’s when I decided to make some fliers and business cards to put in public bulletin boards.

I immediately started making mood boards for my business cards and advertising, just like how I made a mood board when I first started my business. Now, I knew right off the bat that I wouldn’t just do physical advertising. I also planned on doing a few advertisements using Facebook and Instagram. I know it’s pretty silly, but I also made myself an advertising proposal. I found that I feel much more organized and prepared when I put everything into words.

First page of the advertising project plan

Second page of the advertising project plan with photo inspiration


As I researched, I wanted to make sure that I stood out as an Idaho Falls photographer and people could know my style just by looking at a business card. That’s when I came up with the idea of making my business cards look like Polaroids. I’ve always loved the nostalgic film colors Polaroids give. People also associate Polaroids with photography and happy memories.

As for the fliers, I didn’t have a huge epiphany like I did with the business cards. It was more of a trial and error process than anything.  At first, I thought about listing my prices on the flier. I designed it and hated it. It was too crowded with too much overwhelming information. Thinking that it was the way I designed it, I restructured the entire flier. I ended up doing this three more times before giving up. No, I didn’t give up on the flier idea. Instead, I took out the prices and went for a more minimalistic route. I simply placed a QR code to my website on my flier. That way, people interested can not only see my prices but also see more of my photography as well. I ended up liking the QR code idea so much that I used it for my business cards as well.

Taking the Photos

This was the most important part of this entire project. If I couldn’t get good photos to advertise, what on earth would I advertise?! So, I decided to do a few photoshoots for them. I took hundreds of photos but here are a few of my favorites!

idaho falls photographer weddings and portrait of a girl on the beach warm and moody

idaho falls photographer weddings and elopements warm and moody

detail wedding shots of the bridesmaids holding bouquets

idaho falls photographer bridals wedding elopement bride with long veil


idaho falls photographer wedding elopements and portrait of girl with her hands up for a photoshoot to advertise my business

idaho falls photographer wedding detail shot of groom fixing his white sleeve

In my last two blog posts, both weddings and portraits,  I showed a lot more photos and went in more depth if you’d like to look at that.

Advertising as an Idaho Falls Photographer

After taking lots of photos, I was ready. I printed out my fliers and business cards and began doing paid advertising using Instagram and Facebook. For the social media, I showed the pictures I just showed you and stated that I have openings. And guess what?! I got booked!

It only took a few minutes to make social media ads but it took a while to get the fliers and business cards done. I went to Idaho Falls and thought about where my ideal clients would be. I placed fliers and business cards in wedding dress shops, boutiques, and spas. I did the same thing with Rexburg! Go out and see if you can find them!

I also got a lot of booking from people seeing my fliers and business cards! I’m so happy!

Now, I know that you’re dying to see how my fliers and cards look like. Are you ready?

idaho falls photographer business cads and flier with golden light

Ta-da! I won’t go into too much detail in how I took this photo but basically I used two speedlights and a reflector. One speedlight had two colored gels on it to make that warm beautiful glow. I purposefully directed the light to fall on the word ‘light’ in LaShay and Light Photography. I wanted it to be dramatic, romantic, and warm, just like how all of my other photos are.

Final Thoughts

So, you’ve read all of this. Congrats! I hope that reading this has showed you what type of photographer I am. I’m hard working and artistic. I love to show beautiful stories in beautiful ways. If you’re interested in me and my work, contact me!