I took some beautiful landscape and wildlife shots at the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks!

This was my very first time going to a national park and I fell in love! Landscapes photography in National Parks are a dream come true. Every where you looked could have been an extraordinary photo. Here are a few of the shots I took. For almost all of these, I focused on foreground, reflections, or color. I bracketed all of these landscape photos. That means I took some really light photos, dark photos, and in-between photos and then merged them to make an amazing picture. I found that after that, Not a lot needed to be done!

Grand Teton National Park Landscapes
view of grand tetons by a lake with pine trees
grand tetons with river colorful reflection of grand tetonsgrand tetons with beach fence in the foregroundrock tower in the teton national park

For this photo, I found a bunch of rock towers by inside the Teton National Park! I thought it would make a really fun landscape photo. After I took this photo, the rocks tumbled to the ground. Darn!
creative landscapes in national park tetons rainbow rocks

The rocks here were so beautiful! I really wanted to capture all of their colors but I also wanted to take a picture of the mountains. So, I decided to have some lens compression by zooming in and backing up.

Yellowstone National Park
landscapes in national park yellowstone double sunburst

Here it is! My absolute favorite landscape photo. Golden hour is truly amazing. When I saw that the sun was reflecting on a pond, I knew I had to take this photo.landscape giant mountain with stormy clouds national park

river by the woods with mountains in the distancebuffalo grazing in a meadow in yellowstone national park

This buffalo was happily grazing in this meadow! He didn’t have a care in the world. All though he wasn’t moving quickly, I didn’t want to take any chances. So I used a high ISO and a high shutter speed. That way, if it blinked or made any sudden movement, I would capture it.

Landscape photography and National Parks are a matched made in heaven. I absolutely loved taking these shots and can’t wait to take more!