Want so see how I branded my website by making my own template?

It can be very hard to brand your business. There is so many fonts, colors, and themes you have to consider, let alone your audience. That’s why I decided making my own business branding template. This is how I decided on my branding! I hope this template helps all you photographers and other design enthusiasts!

Business Branding starts with Pinterest

Business Branding Mood Board from Pinterest

My Business Branding Mood Board from Pinterest

Pinterest quickly became my best friend when I started thinking about my business brand. When I started, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. Looking at logos, color palettes, fonts, and website layouts on Pinterest really helped me get ideas about what I want to do and see what the trends were in my pinned images.

A huge inspiration for my website was Bastien Allard. I love his incorporation of photography with typography. I absolutely love his work and I would never have found him if I didn’t make this mood board on Pinterest!

My Branding

LaShay and Light Business Branding Template

Business Branding

Because I am obsessed with typography, I spent most of my time trying to find the best font. After that, I used colors that I often see in my own photos. This way, my photos look like they go with my website.

For my logo, I ran it through a few people in my target audience. After I knew they liked it, I needed to make sure I like it. So, I decided to put it on mock ups. Seeing it on a product helped me see what alterations I needed to make.

As I made my own branding template, I often referred back to my business branding mood board. This helped me stay on track and keep a structured style.