Men deserve to be in more Style Shoots!

I don’t know about you but when I think about styled shoots, I immediately picture female models. But what about a styled shoot for men? I think there needs to be more. So, I decided to do one! These styled shoots were all done at The Venue in Rigby Idaho. It was so beautiful!

We had three amazing men as our models, all with a different theme. One was very athletic so we put him in exercise themed shoot. The second man was dressed as a groom so he was in the wedding themed style shoot. The last one brought his guitar so we made a music themed shoot.

Groom’s Styled ShootStyled Shoot for Men Groom straightening tie at venueStyled Shoot for Men Groom fixing his sleeve at venueStyled Shoot for Men Groom fixing his sleeve closeup shot

One of the most common styled shoots for men are wedding themed. For example, if you Google ‘men styled shoot’ or something similar, most of the photos will be from weddings, just like this amazing styled shoot from This Rad Love Photography. But there’s a reason why it’s so popular! Every guy looks great in a suit and it’s such a romantic theme!

For this shoot, I used a mixture of window light and Godox lights. This created natural and dreamy lighting! I’m in love with it!

Body Builder’s Styled Shoot

mens styled shoot body builder stretching

exercise men body builder lifting weights

These pictures were taken outside with completely natural light. It was late afternoon and the light was very harsh (and hot). So, I had him in the shade. This kept us cooler and gave really nice diffused light!

I thought it would be silly to have him pose for a men’s exercise shoot. So, I had him actually working out. This made all the photos look so much more realistic!

Musician Styled Shoot

man playing guitar by a brick wall

I know a lot of men that play the guitar; it looks so cool when they play! So, just like for the exercise shoot, I had this musician actually play the guitar.

For the lighting, I used three speedlights. This gave him Rembrandt-styled lighting.

So what are your thoughts? I really enjoyed taking and editing these photos. Do you want to see more Styled Shoots for Men? Let me know your thoughts down below.