Android users, these four photography hacks will change how you take photos from now on!

There are a lot of amazing phone photography hacks on the internet that can give you a unique, artistic look, like this one by Scoop Whoop. But what you’re reading right now is a little different. These are the four best android photography hacks that mimics professional camera-like photos. Yep, you can make your android photos look like a professional photographer took it. The four hacks I’m about to show you are how to get long exposure, lens compression, shallow focus, and panoramas. Using these hacks will help you get the best possible photo every time!

Android Photography Hack #1 – Long Exposures

For the longest time, I thought it was impossible to take a long exposure photo with a phone. I believed that was strictly something that only camera could do but that’s no longer true! Many android phones now offer the settings to create stunning long exposure photos.

Since I have a Samsung Galaxy s20, I’m going to use those settings to show you how to use this long exposure hack.

In your camera, you may have different options to choose from such as portrait, video, or photo. Choose the one that says ‘pro’ or ‘manual’. This will allow you to manually control the settings of the photo, just like you would with a camera in manual mode.

Set your android phone on a tripod or place it somewhere steady. Next, put on a slow shutter speed and -if you can- a high f-stop. The last thing to do is to take the picture and marvel at what you just shot!

Android Photography Hack #2 – Lens Compression

Lens Compression is one of the best android photography hacks I’ve ever learned to use in phone photography. One reason is because it’s something anyone with a phone can do, not only android users. It is so handy when you want to emphasize the background. Take this image for example. I took this photo at Yellowstone. I just snapped a simple photo of it and the mountain in the background just didn’t look as big as it did in real life.

android photography of girl looking at mountain before lens compression hack

The mountain may look big but trust me, it was actually a lot bigger. Because the mountain is the main focal point in this image, lens compression is the best hack we could possibly use on this photo.

This photography hack is so easy. All you do is back up and zoom in. That’s it. This is what my photo looked like after I took a few steps back and zoomed in.

The best android hack, lens compression - girl with enormous mountain in the background

Look at that difference! The mountain is now enormous! I use this android photography hack whenever I travel to scenic locations like Yellowstone. It’s so easy to do. With a camera, you’d have to use an 85 mm lens or larger to get a photo with lens compression like this. And lenses like that are typically very expensive! Using your android phone, or any phone really, and just zooming in is a way better deal!

Android Photography Hack #3 – Shallow Depth of Field

Because of popularity, this hack has become a staple setting already put on most android phones. This is portrait mode, which creates a shallow depth of field by blurring out the background. Although it’s very popular, I just had to share this hack.

This hack is the exact opposite of the lens compression hack. Lens Compression is used when you want to emphasize your background. Shallow depth of field is used when you want to emphasize the foreground. This is very popular in portraits but can be used for other types of photography like landscapes.

Take this photo for example.

Before picture of the android photography hack of shallow depth with girl by mountain

This is a nice photo but its not the best. The mountain is distracting and pulls attention away from my model. So, I decided to use the shallow depth of field hack.

All you have to do is go to portrait mode (or even manual mode) and take the picture. This will blur the background but keep the subject in focus.

best android photography hack - shallow depth girl is focus but the background is blurry

Doesn’t that look much better?! Now, here’s the kicker, my dear android users. The hack isn’t over. Go to gallery and view the picture. Below the picture will be a button that says something along the lines of ‘change background effect’. Click it and you’ll be able to change how blurry the background is! You can make it as blurry or as sharp as you’d like.

Android Photography Hack #4 – Panoramas

Panoramas, like portrait mode, is a setting option on many android phones. However, many people don’t use it enough or creatively enough.

Taking a panorama is simple. You simply choose the panorama option, press the button, and move your camera.  Most people use this to capture horizontal photos. But have you done vertical photos? You get to play with perspective and foreground to make a mind-bending photo. There’s so much potential in them.

photo of the grand tetons before using panorama android hack

Here’s a boring simple snapshot of the grand Tetons. Let’s take it to the next level with out panorama hack.

best android photography panorama hack of the grand tetons and a tree

Look at that! Just by moving my phone vertically rather than horizontally, I’m playing with perspective!


These are the best android photography hacks that I know of. I use them every time I take a picture and I hope you will too! These hacks will really take your photography skills to the next level and wow your friends. I’m excited to see what you create using these tips. Happy shooting!